Important Notice

Important Notice

Master of Engineering / Master of Science
(Taught Course)
Important Date 201720181 Master Project  201720181 (14 September 2017)
Master Project Semester I,  Session 2017/2018

Master of Engineering / Master of Philosophy / Doctor of Philosophy

PhD/Master Proposal Evaluation
Important Date Research 201720181 (25th September 2017)
Semester I, Session 2017/2018

Timetable Master by Taught Course:- (upload:) 

(please refer the timetable below)

 Master Project proposal
Form : for academic staff
Form : for student

Master Project Topic
Form : Master Project Topic Selection
Topic:  Master Project Available Title

Final Master Project Schedule (updated :  17 May 2016)
– Semester 1, Session 2017/2018


MKMA16173 – Master of Science (Advanced Manufacturing Technology) / Master of Engineering (Mechanical – Advanced Manufacturing Technology)


MKMB161713 – Master of Science (Ship and Offshore Engineering) / Master of Engineering (Ship and Offshore Engineering)

MKMC16173 – Master of Science (Materials Engineering) / Master of Engineering (Materials Engineering)

MKMF16173 – Master of Science (Aeronautical Engineering) / Master of Science (Aeronautical Engineering)

MKMM16173 – Master of Science (Mechanical Engineering) / Master of Engineering (Mechanical)

MKMN16173 – Master of Science (Industrial Engineering) / Master of Engineering (Industrial Engineering)


MKMV16173 – Master of Science (Automotive Engineering ) / Master of Engineering (Automotive Engineering)

(Please alert with this time table as
there will be changes from time to time)

PhD/ Master Proposal Evaluation Certified Title and Synopsis Form
Form :  supervisor
Form :  studentFor your information, student have to present their proposal as below:

Master Full time : 2nd Semester
PhD Full time : 3rd Semester

Application For Appoitment/Change Of Main/ Co-Supervisor Form
(update:7 Nov 2013)

Any related form for Postgraduate Student, Please refer to the link below: SPS website ( at Academic Resources Guideline : Appoint of Viva Examiners