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About FKM




To become a world-class mechanical engineering faculty




To develop human resource required by the nation through training, development, dissemination of knowledge, research and consultancy


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  • UTM has highest number of postgraduate students in the engineering field in Malaysia
  • FKM has a good reputation in providing high quality programs in Mechanical Engineering at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels
  • FKM offer seven (7) taught course programs and three (3) research programs postgraduate accredited by MQA
FKM Quick Facts


  • Four (4) academic departments

i. Thermo fluids

ii.Materials, Manufacturing & Industrial Engineering

üi.Aeronautics, Automotive and Ocean Engineering

iv.Applied Mechanics & Design

  • Five Centers of Excellence (CoE)
FKM Personnel


  • Academic Staff : 150
  • Graduate Faculties: 49 (overall), 36 (active)
  • Academic Staff with Professional Qualification: Ir-14 CEng-13 Cfci-1
  • Non-academic Staff: 41
  • Technical Staff: 70
FKM Postgraduate Programs


  • Postgraduate (PG) programs

By taught course (7 programs)

By research (2 programs)

PhD research program

  • Full-time and part-time programs
  • All PG programs conform with MQF and accredited by MQA
  • 471 postgraduate students active in 2017/2018-1

Postgraduate Student’s Enrolment

MKMA – Master of Science (Advanced Manufacturing Technology)
MKMB – Master of Science (Ship and Offshore Engineering)
MKMC – Master of Science (Materials Engineering)
MKMM – Master of Science (Mechanical Engineering)
MKMN – Master of Science (Industrial Engineering)
Ph.D – Doctor of Philosophy (Mechanical Engineering)


Postgraduate Programs Administration: School of Postgraduate Studies


  • Formulate policies for graduate studies
  • Steer the Postgraduate Committee and coordinate with academic faculties
  • Facilitates for both the academic and social needs of graduate students
  • Manages : Fees/PhD Viva/Financial assistance and scholarship





  • Postgraduate students have to deal with other units/divisions
  • SRAD-Student Recruitment and Admission Division : Handover to AMD once students registered
  • AMD-Academic Management Division : Student registration/Record and data management
  • ISC-International Student Center : Student support/Visa


Postgraduate Programs Administration: Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

Role of FKM PG Office

  • Program owner for Mechanical Engieering
  • Create and formulate postgraduate programs in Mechanical Engineering
  • Conduct taught courses for Mech. Eng./Mech Sc. PG programs
  • Conduct assessments : Master/Ph.D Proposal Evaluation/Viva for PhD & Master by Research/Full assessment activities for master by taught courses