Our laboratory has it own low speed wind tunnel, one of its kind in Malaysia. It is well maintained by our engineers and technician. We also have a Subsonic Industrial Wind Tunnel, Blower Tunnel, Propulsion Laboratory, Avionics and Instrumentation Laboratory, Flight Dynamics Laboratory, Aircraft Design Studio, Aircraft Structure Laboratory and Machine Shop Facilities. The facilities in our laboratory is used by our students and by the industry.

Low Speed WinD TUnnel (UTM LST)

Circuit Features

Closed-return type, horizontal arrangement
Contraction Ratio 9:1
Wind Angle Diffuser (with screen)
Heat Exchanger (Conventional Water Cooling System)
Turbulence Reduction Screens (Three)
Turning vanes

Specification: UTM LST

Air Traffic Laboratory

The laboratory is established in 2010 to study the air traffic movements in the country. We developed our own data collection system that gathers all kinds of air traffic data from various sensors. The data is then stored in a big-data system for further processing. The type of analysis performed are
1. sector analysis
2. KLIA ground movement analysis
3. Flow analysis

Flight Simulator

In UTM, we develop our own flight simulator using opensource Flight Simulator software, FlightGear. The simulator can also be used to model the traffic flow in Malaysia


UAS Research and development Lab

In UAS lab, the main objective is to design and develop new capabilities of UAS. The work scope is from design, production to flight test. 

Modeling and Machine Shop Facilities

Our laboratory is also equipped with machine shop facilities such as drill machine, lathe machine and 3D printer. For wind tunnel model, our technicians is capable of machining and modeling the test item.