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Taklimat Students Baru sem II 2017/2018 UG dan PG 

Ahad 11 hb Feb 2018 | jam 10 pagi | DK1

SEMESTER 2, SESI 2017/2018


10.00 pagi Ketibaan Tetamu
10.10 pagi Taklimat Keselamatan
10.15 pagi Ucapan Aluan & Taklimat Fakulti oleh Dekan
10.45 pagi Taklimat Kemudahan Makmal & Bengkel
Oleh Pengurus Fasiliti
11.00 pagi Taklimat Kemudahan IT
Oleh Penolong Pengurus Fasiliti (IT)
11.15 pagi Taklimat Program Pascasiswazah
Oleh Pengurus Akademik Pascasiswazah di DK 1

– Taklimat Program Prasiswazah Oleh Ketua Jabatan :
SKMM – Bilik Mesyuarat Aras 5, E07
SKMT & SKMV – Bilik Perbincangan Aras 4, E07
SKMI – Bilik VIVA 1, Aras 2, E07

11.45 pagi Sesi Soal Jawab
12.15 pagi Tamat dan Jamuan Tengahari


Gotong Royong FKM Zon C23/C24/C25


Assalamualaikum dan Selamat Sejahtera.

Gotong Royong FKM Zon C23/C24/C25, pembersihan kawasan sekitar dan bilik kuliah akan diadakan pada:

Tarikh : 8.2.2018
Hari : Khamis
Masa: 9.00 am – 12.30pm

Berkumpul di foyer C24 level bawah.

Harap maklum dan Terima Kasih.

MLC 2018


Materials Lecture Competition is a National event mainly organized by IMM and IOM^3 UK. This national-wide competition is an initiative intended to enhance awareness among young Material Scientists and Engineers in Malaysia on the importance of Materials Engineering and sustainability in the advancement of technology and humankind.

Rules and Eligibility
The Materials Lecture Competition (MLC2018) is open to any profession in Malaysia under the age of 28 (except academic staff)
Must deliver a 15-minute presentation on a topic related to Materials or Minerals Science and Engineering.
The topic may be on the participant’s current research work or project from the following areas of interest (but not limited to) Materials Development, Characterization, Processing and Applications, Minerals and Geologically related disciplines.

Submission Procedure for Competition
To take part in the MLC2018 competition, please submit your name, IC (Malaysian Participant) or Passport (International Participant), phone number and e-mail details as well as an abstract of a maximum of 150 words, to the following link:

UTM-MLC 2018 Registration Form
(URL: https://goo.gl/72ykAn)

UTM-MLC 2018 Prizes:
First Winner : RM1000
Second Winner: RM800
Third Winner: RM500

First winner of UTM-MLC 2018 will represent UTM to National Level Competition at UTM-KL, Kuala Lumpur. The Champion of MLC 2018 (national level) will represent Malaysia to attend the Young Persons’ World Lecture Competition (YPWLC) which will be organized by IOM3 in October 2018 in South Africa. The winner of Malaysia will be fully sponsored by IOM3 to attend a series of events in YPWLC.

Judging Criteria
Presentation will be judged against the following criteria:
• Structure of the presentation and clarity of explanation and argument
• Standard of presentation
• Personal enthusiasm for the subject
• Ability to deliver presentation spontaneously
• Technical content of the presentation
• Clarity and relevance of any visual aids used
• Ability to deliver a concise and meaningful summary at the end of presentation
• Ability to present within the specified time allocated
• Ability to handle judges’ questions

Important Dates
University Level:
Abstract Submission Deadline: 25th February 2018
Announcement of Shortlisted Participants: 1st March 2018
Briefing Session to the Shortlisted Participants: 8th March 2018
UTM-MLC 2017 Competition Day: 11th March 2018

National Level:
MLC 2018 Semi-Finals: 5th April 2018 – UTM- KL, Kuala Lumpur
MLC 2018 Finals: 3rd May 2018 – UTM- KL, Kuala Lumpur

UTM-MLC 2018 committee
1.  Advisor (Prof. Dr. Esah Hamzah Bt Hamzah)

2.  Chairperson (Dr Nor Akmal Bt Fadil)

3.  Co-Chairperson (Dr Nor Hasrul Akhmal Bin Ngadiman)

4.  Secretary (Dr Nurhaniza Bt Yusof)

5.  Deputy Secretary (Mohd Haziq Dzulkifli, President PGSS)

6.  Technical Committee
Dr Alafiza Bt Yunus
Dr. Wan Fahmin Faiz Bin Wan Ali (Advisor IMM-UTM student chapter)


Information and Contacts
Website: https://mech.utm.my/mlc

Dr. Nor Akmal: 019-737 3983
Dr. Hasrul: 013-718 9515
Dr. Norhaniza: 019-798 1460
Mr. Syed Azwan: 019-426 0775
Email: utmmlc@mail.fkm.utm.my

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59th UTM Convocation

9th International Meeting on Advances inThermo-Fluids

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Eid Mubarak 2016


Salam Ramadhan Al~Mubarak