Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical-Manufacturing)

Degree awarded:  Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical-Manufacturing)

The course is designed to fulfill the need of the manufacturing sector in Malaysia which has grown continuously since more than 20 years ago. The country then was experiencing a transition from an agriculture economic based on to manufacturing and thus consistentlyrequire manufacturing engineers. The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering has contributed immensely towards producing and the development of manufacturing engineers capable of satisfying the need of the manufacturing industry.

Generally, the career of a manufacturing engineer is focused towards improving the efficiency of manufacturing processes use and management of production system, equipment and human resources in manufacturing a particular product. Today the career opportunity for manufacturing engineers has increased rapidly in facing the challenges of globalisation, the national vision 2020 and various trade agreements such as AFTA.
These challenges have further place the manufacturing sector under pressure to ensure that products produced can compete internationally, are inexpensive and of good quality. Hence, the role of manufacturing engineers is always relevant, and the faculty will always ensure that the manufacturing engineering graduates are equipped with up-to-date knowledge and tools to keep in phase with current development. A wealth of career opportunity awaits the manufacturing engineering graduate to serve in various industries.

Among these are the automotive industry such as PROTON, PERODUA, HONDA, YAMAHA, MODENAS, DRB HICOM and automotive components and parts manufacturers. Other industries that require the service of a manufacturing engineer are plastic manufacturing, compact disc, fabric, furniture, paper, semiconductor, metal parts,  oil and gas, food and many others. Other than working in the manufacturing sector, a manufacturing engineer can also find a career in the consulting, research and development sectors. The academic field is another opportunity for the manufacturing engineer to serve in universities and colleges through out the nation in order to produce more highly qualified graduates especially in the area of advanced manufacturing. The faculty will always ensure that the manufacturing engineering graduate is equipped with inter-disciplinary knowledge in order to allow them to participate in various sectors of the industry.
Field Of Study – Manufacturing Engineering

The study of Manufacturing Engineering involves the selection of machines, tooling, manufacturing systems, system design and product processing parameters. The focus of study will be in the manufacturing technology. The field of study includes :-

a) Tooling for Production
The manufacturing of products requires appropriate tools. This area covers jig and fixture design, principles of tooling design such as locating and clamping. Theory of metal shearing and sheet metal bending are also introduced.

Computer aided design and manufacturing is a field involving the production of models and part programmes for Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machines.  The principles of Coordinate Measuring Machine are also introduced.

c) Metrology and Quality Control
Metrology is a study of the science of measurement involving accuracy and traceability of measurement. Quality control taught includes aspects of statistical quality control, product quality improvement and process capbility.

d) Machining Technology and Processes
Machining technology for metals such as turning, milling and grinding is introduced. Modern machining such as the use of abrasive jet, electrical discharge, laser beam and chemical milling are also covered.

e) Other Technologies
Other technologies taught include welding, casting, metal forming and plastic moulding. Their fundamentals and methods of processing are also described.


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