Department of Aeronautics, Automotive & Ocean Engineering


Aeronautical engineering

The Aeronautical Panel was established along with others to run the aeronautical engineering programme. It offers an Aeronautical Engineering degree program as a specialization of Mechanical Engineering, cover five main areas: namely aerodynamics, aircraft structure, flight dynamics and control, propulsion and aircraft Design. Thus, graduates of this programme satisfy the requirement to graduate as a mechanical engineer specializing in the field of aeronautics. The curriculum for Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical-Aeronautics) includes basic sciences and mathematics, common university courses such as humanities and entrepreneurship, engineering, courses which include basic engineering, mechanical engineering core courses, and aeronautical engineering courses. A 12 week industrial placement during the semester break will be undertaken by the undergraduates in order to expose them to the industrial needs and experience. The normal duration to complete the program is 4 years, or equivalent to 8 semesters. In addition, the postgraduate studies (MPhil, MSc and PhD) are also offered.

Automotive engineering

Automotive panel has 10 active members working together to continue their active participation in teaching, research and publication in various automotive research fields. Most of them managed to present their research works in national and international conferences. This is an evidence for their effort to contribute to automotive engineering research besides providing undergraduate and postgraduate studies towards automotive engineering degree. The panel also works hand-in-hand with the Automotive Laboratory and the Automotive Development Centre (ADC) to support teaching, research and consultation activities. Currently, the Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical-Automotive) programme focusses on automotive related courses in Mechanical Engineering.

Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering

The Ocean Engineering panel runs the Bachelor of Engineering (Naval Architecture and Offshore Engineering) programme which offer students various topics related with marine and offshore engineering fields. This programme is the only ocean programme that have been accredited by Board of Engineer in Malaysia. The area of studies includes the design and system design, operations, performance and dynamic behaviour of marine vehicles such as ships, and also other marine structures fixed or floating. Students are exposed to important fundamental courses such as Naval Architecture, Ship and Offshore Design, Ship and Offshore Structure, Marine Management, Environment and Safety, Marine and Offshore Engineering Systems and many more. The courses will equip students to solve complex naval architecture and offshore engineering problems through various teaching and  learning methods including laboratory works. Students can get benefit from the laboratory facilities especially towing tank facilities in Marine Technology Center. In addition, the usage of commercial software such as Matlab, Maxsurf and Ansys software has been exposed to the students as the added value for their knowledge. Students will benefit from these exposures as they are well-equipped before entering to the industry when they graduated.



Name : Prof. Ir. Dr. Pakharuddin bin Mohd Samin
Position: Director (Aeronautics, Automotive & Ocean Engineering)
Office: 07-5557043