Department of Thermo Fluids


The Department of Thermo-Fluids offers excellent teaching for the main mechanical core courses, namely Thermodynamics and Fluid Mechanics. The department has contributed towards continuous improvement of undergraduate and master course programme curriculum, not only in teaching but also in research and development. Besides this, the department staffs also give full commitment in strengthening international collaboration, such as through the mutual organization of International Meeting of Advances in Thermo-Fluids (IMAT) with Universitas Indonesia and National University of Singapore. The department consists of two panels, which are Thermodynamics Panel and Fluid Mechanics Panel. Thermodynamics Panel covers the research areas of alternative fuel, combustion, renewable and sustainable energy, heat transfer, refrigeration and air-conditioning system, while the latter covers research on computational fluid dynamics, fluid power, tribology and turbomachinery.


  Name : Dr. Aminuddin bin Saad
Position: Director (Thermo-Fluids)
Office: 07-5557043