Marine Lab


Marine Technology Laboratory (MTL) was established in 1996. The laboratory was upgraded to Marine Technology Centre in 2003 by Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE). It is the only hydrodynamic centre in the country and fulfills the following functions:

• Provides teaching facilities for undergraduate students in a variety of naval architecture and offshore engineering field.
• Facilitate research and development works for academic staff and postgraduate students.
• Serves the industrial needs of the marine and offshore industry by providing ship and offshore structure model testing and associated services.
To conduct research and development project in various field of marine technology, the laboratory is equipped with international standard facilities of model making and model testing. The laboratory has been actively involved in many naval architecture and offshore engineering research areas that include but not limited to:

• Ship and offshore hydrodynamics
• Resistance and propulsion
• Ship design and structural analysis
• Wave-structure interaction dynamics
• Ocean renewable energy convertors
• Marine transportation and safety
The laboratory is committed to engage in industrial collaboration and partnership. The following professional services are offered to the industrial partners:

• Resistance & drag measurements
• Propulsion tests
• Fluid flow and body interaction
• Sea-keeping behavior in waves
• Ocean and coastal engineering modeling
Marine Technology Laboratory (MTL) Building
• Maneuvering simulation
• Lightship survey
• Stability assessment
• Design services
• Professional short courses
MTL is a full member of the International Towing Tank Conference (ITTC) since August 1998.