Master of Science (Ship and Offshore Engineering)

Programme Specifications

The Master of Science (Ship and Offshore Engineering) is offered either on a full-time or part-time basis. The full-time programme is offered only at the UTM Main Campus in Johor Bahru while the part-time programme is offered at various learning centres throughout Malaysia. The normal full-time program can be completed in a minimum of one year, i.e. two long semesters and one short semester. The maximum period for the completion of the full-time program is eight normal semesters (nominally 4 years). The maximum duration allowed for part-time students is also eight normal semesters (nominally 4 years). The full time student is allowed to take a maximum of 20 credits in a normal semester and 10 credits in a short semester. The part time student is allowed to take a maximum of 12 credits in a normal semester and 6 credits in a short semester. Assessment is based on coursework and final examinations given throughout the semester.


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General Information

1.   Awarding Institution

Universiti Teknologi Malaysia

2.   Teaching Institution

Universiti Teknologi Malaysia

3.   Programme Name

Master of Science (Ship and Offshore Engineering)

4.   Final Award

Master of Science (Ship and Offshore Engineering)

5.   Programme Code


6.   Professional or Statutory Body of Accreditation

Kementerian Pendidikan Malaysia

7.    Language(s) of Instruction


8.   Mode of Study


9.   Mode of operation


10. Study Scheme (Full Time/Part Time)

Full Time / Part Time

11. Study Duration

Minimum: 1 year

Maximum: 4 years

Type of Semester

No. of Semesters

No of Weeks/Semester

Full Time

Part Time

Full Time

Part Time











Programme Educational Objectives (PEO)

Graduates are able to demonstrate advanced knowledge in the fields of Ship and Offshore engineering above that of the bachelor’s degree with capabilities to research, develop and integrate the knowledge in relevant engineering problems.


Graduates are able to apply the knowledge gained to critically analyse and solve problems related to Ship and Offshore engineering in various situations and contexts, ethically and effectively.


Graduates are able to execute, deliver and communicate ideas and/or solutions to ship and offshore engineering problems, intellectually and professionally.


Graduates are able to continue life-long learning related to ship and offshore engineering.

Programme Learning Objectives (PLO)

Demonstrate advanced knowledge and capabilities to further develop or use these for new situations in ship and offshore engineering.


Demonstrate research skills in appraising available information and research evidence, and applying them in ship and offshore engineering contexts


Apply critical thinking and problem solving skills in addressing ship and offshore engineering problems utilizing relevant tools and techniques.


Perform research on ship and offshore engineering problems professionally, ethically and responsibly.


Communicate technical knowledge and ideas effectively in written and oral forms.


Adopt the latest relevant knowledge and technologies through life-long learning.


Admission Requirement

The normal requirement for admission to the programme ia a four-year bachelor degree recognized by the university in either engineering or sciences.  The minimum overall grade point average for the admission can be access:-

  1. Malaysia student (
  2. International student (


Students applying for admission with a degree neither engineering or sciences, such as Bachelor of Technology or National Higher Diploma or Advanced Diploma or equivalent can enroll pre-master programme before joining the master programme.

Further Information

Name : Prof. Ir. Dr. Pakharuddin Mohd Samin
Position: Director (Aeronautics, Automotive & Ocean Engineering)
Office: 07-5557043