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Laboratory Manager’s Office


The teaching laboratories are well-equipped to address the demands of teaching in Mechanical Engineering and related fields and are complemented with a total staff of 57 assistant engineer. There are 8 teaching laboratories and they are under the responsibility of a laboratory manager. An academic coordinator is also appointed for each laboratory to act as a liaison between the laboratory management and the academic staff.



Dean : Prof. Dr. Mohd Hasbullah Hj Idris

Facility Manager  :
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mohamed Ruslan Bin Abdullah

Laboratory manager  :
Dr. Kamarulafizam Bin Ismail

Laboratory Manager’s Office  :
• Mr. Mohamed A’tif bin Mohamed Roznan (Engineer)
• Mrs. Ruzita Mohamed Salleh (Administrative Assistant)
• Mr. Haizelfitri Mahat (General Office Assistant)