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ISSN: 2289-3873 (online), 2289-3866 (print) Previously known as Buletin Jentera (ISSN: 0127-3396)



In order to expedite the review and publication process, manuscripts submitted for consideration should comply with the following requirements:

1. The manuscript should be written in UK English and typed double spaced on one side of an A4 paper using Microsoft Word with font Times New Roman 11 pt. The margin of the article should be 2.54 cm top, 3.15 cm bottom, 4.45 cm left and 2.54 cm right.

2. Generally, the maximum words of a manuscript is 10,000 including all text, tables, figures, references and appendices.

3. The title should be short and concise and should not exceed 16 words.

4. The author’s full name and affiliation must appear below the title.

5. An abstract of not more than 175 words should be provided with a list of 5 keywords.

6. The main text of a manuscript must begin with an introduction and end with a set of conclusions.

7. Equations must be numbered and special symbols must be well defined. The special symbols used should be defined where they first appear.

8. Standard definitions and symbols should be used wherever these exist.

9. All figures submitted should be of high quality and presented in black and white prints. The figures when reduced to a column width of about 85 mm, the letters and numbers of the figures should be of 9 font size. Explanations and lengthy description should be placed in the text rather than within the figures. Figures and tables must be placed throughout the text and preferably be included on the same page as they are first discussed.

10. Acknowledgements of not more than 40 words may be included in the manuscript and should be placed after the Conclusion section.

11. References should be cited and listed using the authors and year of publication. Reference should be listed alphabetically according to the following format: names, year of publication, title of paper or book, publication in which paper appeared volume number and page number.

12. SI units must be used throughout the manuscript.